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A Girl’s Truth

A Girl’s Truth

What happens when a hacker uses a computer to rage vengeance in the real world and take down a billionaire’s business empire? Global mercenaries, gangsters, the FBI and high-tech crime collide in pursuit of an identity.

After a promising start-up gets hit with a devastating ransomware attack, special agents Camila Moreno and Chris Kaiser of the FBI’s Cyber Action Team show up to investigate.

But as they dig deeper and get closer to an arrest, lines are crossed, bonds are broken and desperation takes hold.

As the violence ensues, it becomes clear that one cannot escape the atrocities of the past. Begging the question, what is the girl’s truth?

A Girl’s Truth is KryptoKid’s debut novel. If you like thrillers that involve high-tech crime, shocking twists and turns, and fast-paced action, then you’ll love this book.


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